The Whole Historical past of False Eyelashes

As reported in Marie Claire and The NY Occasions, it’s mentioned that false eyelashes have been invented in 1916 by means of American movie director David W. Griffith to create a fluttering lash impact for silent movie actresses. Then again, false eyelashes have been round for some time earlier than this. In 1911, Canadian Anna Taylor gained a patent for the substitute eyelash — again then, a crescent of material implanted with tiny hairs —  to “reinforce the private look of the wearer, with out including discomfort.”

Prior to Anna Taylor, German Karl Nessler is alleged to have manufactured false lashes within the first a part of the 20thc as a “guard in opposition to the glare of electrical lighting fixtures,” advertising and marketing them with “refrain ladies who bat their eyes at consumers.” There are additional reviews from 1899 of “eyelash transplants” — a procedure involving a wonderful needle (that we’re very happy is out of style). 

“An odd wonderful needle is threaded with a protracted hair, usually taken from the top of the individual to be operated upon. The decrease border of the eyelid is then completely wiped clean, and so that the method is also as painless as conceivable rubbed with an answer of cocaine. The operator then by means of a couple of skilful touches runs his needle throughout the excessive edges of the eyelid between the dermis and the decrease border of the cartilage of the tragus. The needle passes out and in alongside the threshold of the lid leaving its hair thread in loops of in moderation graduated duration.” IRRESISTIBLE EYES MAY BE HAD BY TRANSPLANTING THE HAIR, The Dundee Courier, 6 Jul 1899. 

It was once David W. Griffith’s aforementioned movie (Intolerance), on the other hand, that popularised the false lash. Reportedly, Griffith sought after Owen’s eyelashes to be “supernatural” and almost “brushing her cheeks,” so he ordered the movie’s wigmaker to connect lashes manufactured from human hair onto Owen’s personal eyelids the use of spirit gum. Even supposing this left Owen’s eyes swollen, it did kickstart the fashion and, by means of 1930, false eyelashes have been far and wide (and haven’t in point of fact left since). 


Trend started promoting false eyelashes within the Thirties, however it was once the Forties and 50s when falsies in point of fact took off. Hollywood starlets within the Forties and ’50s steadily sported a false eyelash, with large names like Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth recognized to put on them of their photograph shoots. 

This was once additionally the last decade when artificial eyelashes (made out of plastic) have been presented, which ended in decrease costs and better gross sales. 

Nineteen Sixties 

One phrase: Twiggy! Within the 60s, type Twiggy’s signature glance integrated greater than existence “spiked” lashes, with thick (and steadily painted on) backside lashes. Impressed by means of the type, girls would pile on 2 or 3 pairs of eyelashes layered on most sensible of one another to get the thickest having a look lashes conceivable.

 Through the 70s, American gross sales of false eyelashes have been at 20,000,000 pairs a 12 months!


After a brief hiatus within the overdue 70s and 80s, the place girls opted for a a lot more “herbal” make-up glance with out falsies, lashes have been again within the Nineties. In step with Industry Insider, “for girls like Anna Nicole Smith, Pamela Anderson and type Cindy Crawford, eyelashes have been a very easy method to succeed in a kind of unfashionable/bombshell Nineteen Fifties glamour.” 

Between the 90s and 2000s, semi-permanent lash extensions have been additionally born, providing folks a herbal (however enhanced) lash. 

2000s – Provide

Welcome to the mainstream! If lashes have been common earlier than, they unquestionably at the moment are. False eyelashes are a part of many of us’s on a regular basis make-up regimen and are bought far and wide — no longer simply in make-up shops. 

With extra lashes, comes extra sorts and types. Silk, artificial, mink and pretend mink lashes are to be had, with the latter a well-liked selection for the ones seeking to be extra sustainable. Eyelash utility hasn’t ever been more uncomplicated both! From magnetic lashes to ergonomic applicators {and professional} eyelash adhesive, you’ll be able to reach your dream lash glance comfortably. 

Whilst herbal and vintage lengthy lashes are nonetheless in, we will be able to be expecting to look larger and bolder lashes than earlier than as we transfer against the latter part of 2022. Suppose shiny colors, three-D gildings and rainy glance lashes that re-define what we perceive to be a lash.